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Essential Topics Language Tutorials

[More-On-Getting-Help] [Intro-to-Objects] [How-to-Use-the-Interpreter]

[Server-Architecture] [Literals] [Getting Started With SC] -Scott Wilson

[Server-Command-Reference] [Method-Calls] [Introductory_tutorial] -Mark Polishook

[Tour_of_UGens] [Assignment] [Tutorial] - foundational SC tutorial

[UGens-and-Synths] [Comments]

[ClientVsServer] [Expression-Sequence]

[NodeMessaging] [Functions]

[Order-of-execution] [Scope]

[ServerTiming] [Control-Structures]

[Internal-Snooping] [Classes]

[MultiChannel] [Polymorphism]

[SC3vsSC2] [Syntax-Shortcuts]

[Backwards-Compatibility] [SymbolicNotations]

[DocumentAutoCompletion] [Adverbs]




Extending SC Miscellaneous Topics

[Using-the-Startup-File] [UsingMIDI]

[Writing-Classes] [Understanding-Errors]

[Writing_Unit_Generators] [Debugging-tips]

[Using-Extensions] [Randomness]


SCLang Classes (incomplete list)


Overviews Core Scheduling Control

[UGens] [Object] [AppClock] [Spec]

[Streams] [Class] [SystemClock] [ControlSpec]

[Operators] [Frame] [TempoClock] [HIDDeviceService]

[Collections] [Function] [Task] [MIDIIn]

[GUIClasses] [FunctionDef] [Scheduler] [MIDIOut]

[FFT Overview] [Method] [Condition] [Env]

[RawPointer] [if]

[Ref] [CmdPeriod]












Math Geometry Files Server Control

[Integer] [Point] [UnixFILE] [RootNode]

[Float] [Rect] [File] [Node]

[Complex] [Pipe] [Group]

[Polar] [SoundFile] [default_group]

[Magnitude] [CocoaDialog] [Bus]

[Number] [Buffer]

[SimpleNumber] [OSCresponder]










Audio Misc GUI

[SynthDef] [initClass] [SCWindow]

[UGens] [writeAsPlist] [SCButton]

[randomSeed] [Stethoscope]



Help Scripts (experimental)

*Show All Documented Classes *Show All Documented Extension Classes

*Show All Undocumented Classes

Extension Libraries



Publishing Code



[changes] an incomplete list of changes to the class library / sc app.

to be continued...