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Installation: Finally, it needs only a couple of small steps and
the universal aesthetics of economic telos becomes self-evident. The presence of the mythical Schrödinger-Cat asks the question of acoustic unity.

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The Invisible Hand

Adam Smith's metaphor for the ideal self-regulation of economy has its obvious and less obvious career in the arts and sciences. A theoretical paper and sound installation follow a trace of its displacement.

Presented at readme100.

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The ensemble drb plays algorithmic music for found footage silent movies. Live coding and film psychoanalysis.

Concerts: Stadtgarten Cologne and Bergerkirche Düsseldorf.

Presented at Frischzelle 2005.

* "naui" is the expression for "dingbat"(en) / "dings" (de) in the yolngu language gupapuyngu